Saturday, August 30

I didn't forget about you... honest!!

I’ve been meaning to write, honestly, but my latest DIY experiment was a complete disaster and I didn’t want to get off to a bad start. Project#1 : failed attempt to re-dye a shirt that I splattered bleach on immediately after removing the tags :(
Instead, I have some wonderful news to share – I’m engaged. Today Andy popped the question and of course, after catching my breath and between the tears of joy, I said YES!!
Now I can begin doing what I love – event planning!!
I (already) have several engagement thank you notes to write so I’m going to fire up my heat embosser and work on those tonight… hopefully I’ll have some photos soon.

Sunday, August 17

Obligatory Introductory Post

Hi, I live in the Western Chicago suburbs with my boyfriend and puppy. I enjoy diy projects, crafts, decorating, reading, home improvement tv shows, photography, budgeting, trying new recipes, and I refuse to pay retail price if I don't have to.
I'm a craft/cooking blog stalker and so I feel like it's about time for me to share some projects of my own since I've borrowed from so many amazing women's project blogs. I hope to be updating on a weekly basis... but sometimes life (ie - tv programming) just gets in the way.
♥ Rachel

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