Saturday, December 25

merry christmas

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Tuesday, December 21

reducio is my fav

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Reducio my budget, my waistline, my to-do list. The possibilities are endless.

Monday, December 13

i die.

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Wednesday, December 8

john lennon, 30 years later

we chose this as our last song at our wedding reception:

Sunday, November 28

good advice

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Friday, November 26

necklace ♥

maya brenner designs

Wednesday, November 17

my new desk

it craves kitsch

poodle letter & pen holder - a must, no?

Tuesday, November 16

oh, happy day!


Sunday, November 14

true story

Sometimes I pretend that I just found out that Oprah's coming to our house in order to get it clean as fast as possible.


Monday, November 1

made by girl read my mind

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Sunday, October 31

Happy Halloween

Elephant Rocks

Last weekend we visited Elephant Rocks with Andy's family:

Clay Acorn

Saturday, October 30


This has truly been the "Month of Rachel"

Thus, the lack of posts.  It's a good thing.

Monday, October 18

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Graphic Designer Mollie Johanson of Wild Olive has a special embroidery post up over at WhipUp - "I heart pumpkin spice latte."
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Sunday, October 17

Little Miss N

One week old baby Natalie, photos by me :)

Thursday, October 14


I can't come up with much for a post, but I will say I'm in the process of creating a "Billy the Exterminator" bingo card/drinking game.

Sunday, October 10


happy anniversary

Saturday, October 9

Birth Day

We are so happy for our dear friends, Dave and Meredith, who welcomed baby Natalie today at 8:05am.

Of course, Happy 70th Birthday to the late John Lennon.

Friday, October 8

fingers crossed


Wednesday, September 29

We all Stroll in a Yellow Submarine

Allow me to preface this post by saying, I will pretty much buy anything Beatles-related.  Slap that logo on something as useless as a steering wheel cover - I'd buy it.  "Strawberry Fields" nail polish? Why, yes!  I can't even take The Beatles Trivial Pursuit Andy bought me for Christmas out of the packaging.  Second, I must be very clear when I state that I am not, nor am I/we planning on having kids in the next 5 years at the EARLIEST.  Not in the immediate picture. No.freakin.way. For Reals.

But check this thing out:

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Oh, and talk about accessories (For when the "Rain" comes, of course!)

Damn, babies are expensive and NOT happening any time soon.  Although, I kinda want to buy it and convert it into a dog buggy... a very expensive, socially unacceptable dog buggy.

Monday, September 27

Pottery Barn Porn

fall Pottery Barn + Paper Source + JCrew catalogs
The fall Pottery Barn issue came today, my birthday just came early ;)

Sunday, September 26

I must be a grown up

I'm excited about our new touch screen thermostat.

yeah, yeah, yeah

Beatles clothing at Forever21

Thursday, September 23

happy birthday to my husband

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It's fun to be able to type that ;)

Sunday, September 19


Saturday, September 18

baby showering

Friday, September 17

wining & dining

Thursday, September 16

yes, please!

Shopping with Amy Atlas? Sign me up!
For now, virtural shopping works too:

  I love me a cute cake plate... here is the link to the rest of Amy's picks!

Wednesday, September 15


I love this guy. How can you not? He made the rounds on the internet last year (biography available here). 
funny animated gif

So when he popped up for sale as a letterpress print last month I bookmarked it as a "to buy when I get home from work" item.  He sold out quickly, but he's baaaack in stock:

Tuesday, September 14


for sale here

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