Wednesday, March 31

inspiration from mark twain

text added by me, photo by the lovely Pioneer Woman

Tuesday, March 30

love this video mashup

Monday, March 29

what would you do...

It's been on my mind daily (sometimes hourly) and I'm looking for a big change.  Now's as good of time as any, right?

If money was not a factor I would buy one of these and then go on a French photo retreat.

What's on your list?

Friday, March 26

am I crazy...

...for wanting to cut my lunch short so I can leave work early, drive 20 minutes out of my way back home, and then race to the train station to pick up Ms. MGM, when I don't even know if they (below) will look good/fit/work with the dress I'm wearing tomorrow?

From a true friend: "no, they look super cute. boots are a tough fit sometimes, but try them on and don't race to pick me up!!!!!! i have a magazine"

free font friday - century gothic

Today's pick is one of my favorite sans serif fonts:

It's my go to font.  Like a little black dress (in my case, dark denim jeans) it goes with everything and can be dressed up or down.  Century Gothic is great for mellowing out a crazy script and complements most fonts extrememely well.  I used it in all lower case along side "CAC Lasko Even Weight" for baby shower invitations - can't wait to show those off!

In an article released today (it's kismet, I tell you!), switching from Arial to Century Gothic could use up to 30% less ink when printing emails.  Not only is it a great looking font, it's also saving the planet.  Can your favorite font do that?

Thursday, March 25

my hutch, my lovely lady hutch... check it out!

Sorry, but I couldn't help myself with that BIP's reference.
It's late and I have many a papercut. My car is loaded up with half a dozen cake plates and lots and lots of pink.
I'm leaving the beast (below) in Andy's capable hands this weekend as I go back home.  It needs an electrical update, a few tacks, and some sanding.  There's also some laundry on his honey-do list, but I doubt it will interrupt his Battlefield time.

Friday, March 19

free font friday - pharmacy

From Harold's Fonts:
"PHARMACY was inspired by the sign at a local (Albany, NY) drugstore. Waiting at the red light, I'd often stared at the sign, admiring its jolly and curious mix of upper and lowercase, and of course the peculiar asymmetrical capital A."

Thursday, March 18

Not sure which is weirder...

Coworker: Good morning, how are you?
Me: Fine, you? (thinking: crap! this was a set up)
Coworker: My back's acting up again and I haven't been sleeping well...
Me (pre coffee, still not thinking): I know what you mean.
Coworker: Really? You do?! (in a "this is some sort of contest" tone)
Me: Well, I had this horrible nightmare that the hotel I was staying in had a dead cat problem and I got moved from a 4th floor room to the first floor. Then a hurricane began flooding the hotel parking lot and washing cars into our hotel room. In addition to the possibility of drowning, now there were cars crashing into our room and crushing us with each ebb of the waves. All I kept thinking was, "if only I hadn't complained about those dead cats we'd probably survive on the 4th floor." Then I woke up drenched in sweat.
Coworker: Oh, yeah? I always dream about people from work, in a rotation - only one coworker per dream.
Me: You win.

Monday, March 15

love it

I asked Andy to please pick up something to go with asparagus for dinner...
I love how a man's mind works.

Friday, March 12

"not just awful, god-awful"

To quote max cannon, that's how my week's been.

Looking forward to some monster cleaning this weekend, chinese take-out, Bright Star, mailing our *joint* taxes, and hopefully cracking a few windows around the house to remove the smell of delicious, but so smelly.

Special thanks to my ladies that have been so supportive this week. This one's for you:

free font friday - clementine sketch

Today's featured font is:
by Teagan White

I first encounted this font over at Nuestra Vida Dulce and downloaded it via
This font is a little tricky to use.  In order to have closed letters at the beginning of each word it must be capitalized. 
Also, to "close" each letter be sure to use a ^ (carrot?) after each word. 


Friday, March 5

free font friday - black jack

Since I can't really commit to writing about the topics I've promised (mundane home improvements and de-cluttering), why not try something I love?

My heart literally flutters when I see a scripty font atop someone's blog header. I get palpitations when it's a free download. I'm not even joking. My fingers can hardly type quickly enough to announce today's inaugural font in my new series aptly christened "Free font Friday!" (Apparently I also love alliteration.)

Drum roll please:

I found today's font when perusing the approved font list on  I love its scripty-ness, uneven weight of the type, and the imperfections of the loose loops. 
I'm also a little biased because "Black Jack" is Lebowski's given name ;)


Thursday, March 4

i'm falling

via +


When I get excited about new topics, I post them prematurely.
So if you're in Google Reader, you may have already read tomorrow's new topic.
Please act surprised when it pops up again tomorrow and excuse my spazziness.

Monday, March 1


my new favorite screen saver

wish I could install it at work.

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