Tuesday, September 30

Rachel and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad start to the birthday

Wow. What a random way to start the 25th year of my life...
When I took the dog out to potty this morning there was a woman and a little girl dressed in all black (dressed more like those nuns that wear black or burqas or ninjas) running down the street. It really spooked the dog and he went crazy barking and running around frantically. I brought him inside to feed him and start my bread (to take into work) and he got even more spooked and hid under the table and wouldn't stop barking. Lovely. Sorry Andy, I hope you weren't trying to sleep.

When I was attempting to make cinnamon pull-apart bread (monkey bread) the buttery cinnamon sugar gaze boiled over the top of the pan and pooled in the bottom of the oven and started to burn while I was in the shower. It woke Andy out of bed and he started bagging on the bathroom door - FIRE! FIRE!

Apparently our fire detectors are awesome because when I ran downstairs to check it out, it was just smoking. Then the smoke detector started speaking "FIRE" at us (I had no idea it could do that!) and that's when things got bad. I turned off the oven and Andy and I (sopping wet) were running around opening windows and fanning the detectors. The poor dog is so stressed today... so are we!

I have no idea what the plans are for tonight, but Andy is going to take me to lunch. I'm guessing I'll go over to his parents for presents and cake. Maybe out to dinner.

♥ Rachel

Monday, September 29

Fun Things You Didn't Know You Needed

Yesterday, Andy and I journeyed up to the Northern Suburbs to receive our Birthday gifts. Among them was this genius invention my Grandma C got me:

Stop Sign Park'N Place™
When visiting last week she noticed that I was using a wood block to stop my car... and not very successfully. I can't wait to try it out when I come barreling home from work tonight!

♥ Rachel

Saturday, September 27

I just died a little...

Over the weekend (to add to my Wizard of Oz collection) Andy and I went to McDonald's to get a happy meal. I was THRILLED to see they now offer caramel iced coffee on their menu. I subsituted my ususal "orange drink" to try one out...
Andy felt it made him thirstier and although it tasted amazing going down, I was sick a few hours later. I blamed lactose intolerance, but today I came across this blog article...

McDonald’s Iced Coffee: Just Say No!

The second ingredient, cream, of course is a killer for me, but the third listed ingredient, sodium phosphate - is “used to treat constipation and to clean the bowel before surgery, x-rays, endoscopy, or other intestinal procedures. Sodium biphosphate and sodium phosphate enemas are also used for general care after surgery and to help relieve impacted bowels.”

Wow, now that's something I want to put in my body! Okay, after the end of this Wizard of Oz happy meal promo I am DONE eating at McDonald's. Seriously. I mean it this time.
♥ Rachel

Friday, September 26

THE dress...

I think I may have found THE dress... I'll add it to the quickly expanding wedding binder.

Monday, September 15

Who'll Stop the Rain?

With constant rain since Thursday evening, there was massive flooding near our townhome and the surrounding area. While dropping off some books at the downtown Naperville library we decided to join the gawkers. Little did we know our best sides were being photographed...

...until the photographer asked for our info!
Can I just gush for a second about how much I love seeing "fiancee" in the same sentence as our names?!
♥ Rachel

Sunday, September 14

Cornice – How To

I fell in love with the Serafina fabric at Pottery Barn and created a cornice using their table runner. My inspiration:

Here are instructions and materials needed to create a window cornice in less than an hour:

-2 L-brackets (corner braces)

-Drywall screws / sinkers
-Wood board 1”x6”xlength of window + overhang
*Tip: You can get your board cut for FREE at Home Depot
-Decorative cording with a lip for easier stapling (Jo-Ann’s)
-Staple gun

We started by installing the L-brackets into the board about 6” from the edges of the board (Your board will appear like a shelf when installed against the wall.).

Next, mark the center of the board and the center of the window. Make sure to center the board on the window and trace the drill holes onto the wall (Your helper will come in handy when attempting to trace the holes while keeping the board balanced and centered.) We wanted to give the illusion of a larger window so we set the board about 10” about the actual frame.

Now, find the center of your material, start stapling from the center and work around the edges of the board.

Next, using the same stapling method, take your decorative trim, and staple it along the top of the board to conceal the staple marks on the front. Trim with a lip is great for stapling, but you could also use a glue gun to adhere regular cording or fringe.

Finally, drill holes in the wall where you made your marks earlier. Use drywall screws and sinkers to ensure your cornice will stay installed! We found this out the hard way when it crashed to the ground in the middle of the night a few days later...


Saturday, September 13

Color Pallet

Before I was engaged I fell in love with these invitations from einvite - I just liked the color combination and the coral motif so I ordered a sample and tucked it away in my design/inspiration binder.

Now that I am beginning to make wedding-related decisions I'm revisiting that binder and my Google Notebook for more ideas... but keep coming back to Red and Aqua color combinations:

In writing this post, I've found a blog devoted entirely to Red and Aqua weddings!!!
This website pretty much sums it all up: "Call it aqua, turquoise, or Tiffany blue. Pairing this color with a bright red makes a color combination that can be fun and whimsical, or surprisingly elegant."

A trip to Paper Source helped solidify my love of the combination with a room filled with Red and "Pool" stationery. Thank goodness it was raining or I would have done some serious damage to my credit card but I walked away with (only) 2 stationery sets.

I'm pretty well set on these colors but considering how much time I have until I need to commit there's always room for change!

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