Wednesday, September 29

We all Stroll in a Yellow Submarine

Allow me to preface this post by saying, I will pretty much buy anything Beatles-related.  Slap that logo on something as useless as a steering wheel cover - I'd buy it.  "Strawberry Fields" nail polish? Why, yes!  I can't even take The Beatles Trivial Pursuit Andy bought me for Christmas out of the packaging.  Second, I must be very clear when I state that I am not, nor am I/we planning on having kids in the next 5 years at the EARLIEST.  Not in the immediate picture. No.freakin.way. For Reals.

But check this thing out:

From Here
Oh, and talk about accessories (For when the "Rain" comes, of course!)

Damn, babies are expensive and NOT happening any time soon.  Although, I kinda want to buy it and convert it into a dog buggy... a very expensive, socially unacceptable dog buggy.

Monday, September 27

Pottery Barn Porn

fall Pottery Barn + Paper Source + JCrew catalogs
The fall Pottery Barn issue came today, my birthday just came early ;)

Sunday, September 26

I must be a grown up

I'm excited about our new touch screen thermostat.

yeah, yeah, yeah

Beatles clothing at Forever21

Thursday, September 23

happy birthday to my husband

via here
It's fun to be able to type that ;)

Sunday, September 19


Saturday, September 18

baby showering

Friday, September 17

wining & dining

Thursday, September 16

yes, please!

Shopping with Amy Atlas? Sign me up!
For now, virtural shopping works too:

  I love me a cute cake plate... here is the link to the rest of Amy's picks!

Wednesday, September 15


I love this guy. How can you not? He made the rounds on the internet last year (biography available here). 
funny animated gif

So when he popped up for sale as a letterpress print last month I bookmarked it as a "to buy when I get home from work" item.  He sold out quickly, but he's baaaack in stock:

Tuesday, September 14


for sale here

Monday, September 13

Monday Mantra

found here

Sunday, September 12

sunday catch up

Oops, I missed yesterday's post... kind of like yesterday, I missed out on most of the day!
I slept too late, and when I arrived at my haircut appointment she was 45 later than scheduled to a tardy bridal party so I didn't get back home until 3ish. We ended up eating a late lunch which lead to a really late dinner of poor choices.  Although, we did enjoy watching Date Night.

Although it killed me, I canceled my Pottery Barn fall decorating class today.  I am strapped for cash and since I didn't get a chance to put out my fall/Halloween decs last year I don't really remember what I have and I know I wouldn't have been able to stop myself at PB. 
I am still lusting after these, but word on the street is there's something similar at Home Goods:
We broke out the crock pot for chicken tacos today, so now it's time for me to get my shred on! Have a great week, my dears!

Friday, September 10

Wedding Recap - Music!

Here's a run down of the music we featured in our wedding... 9 months ago! 

Processional: “Here Comes the Sun” – The Beatles

Solo: “Blackbird” – The Beatles, performed on guitar by my brother, Steven

Recessional: “All You Need is Love” – The Beatles

St. Simons Reception: "A+R Reception" - Andy's iMix
 (that's a seafood crepe in white champagne sauce)

My Mom spent several days putting together a photo slideshow using photos of Andy and I growing up and surprised us at our wedding. We played the slideshow on a loop at both receptions.

Introduction as Mr & Mrs: “All You Need is Love” – The Beatles

Daddy Daughter/First Dance: “Georgia on my Mind” – Ray Charles

Wedding Ceremony Slideshow: “Hey Jude” – The Beatles
Our photography package included a slideshow that was to be completed before our wedding reception back in Illinois. We played the slideshow at the country club and the DJ welcomed everyone to come view the photos from the wedding ceremony throughout the evening.

Any guesses as to the name of this song?

The music was such an important aspect to setting the mood of our wedding ceremony.  This was one wedding task that we enjoyed working on together (paper cutting, notsomuch).

Thursday, September 9


via here

did you visit wilderness downtown?

Wednesday, September 8

andy & andie & andes

Tonight Andy (husband) and I went for an impromptu ride in our temporary convertible.  I even changed out of my couch pants (because I don't do yoga) just for the occasion.

Later, I caught the end of Pretty in Pink, hence the other Andie. Since it was live I caught a Subaru commercial that I thought featured a Zooey Deschanel song, but it was actually Erika Davies - kind of a modern Billie Holiday.

I'm sure you can safely assume what happened to the Andes candies as I watched Pretty in Pink.  So much for eating healthier, but at least there's no junk food left in the house.

Tuesday, September 7

Arcade Fire

Andy introduced me to the Arcade Fire back in the day, so imagine how cool I felt when I heard about their "interactive HTML5 music experience, 'The Wilderness Downtown' " before he did.

Enter the address of your childhood home and the faceless character in the music video pops up in various windows across your monitor running through your neighborhood.  It's all very fancy with the way they integrated Google street view into the "experience."

So I ran the address of my childhood home first - I was so impressed.

I brought my laptop to my sick husband and gushed about the coolness of the Arcade Fire's HTML5 thingy and offered to show him his childhood home in a music video.

His response? "I have no idea what the address was... I was 4.  Try the house my parents are in now."
Unfortunately, here's what happened:
Your address doesn't contain enough Street-View and/or Google Maps data to 100% enjoy this experience.

If you're lucky maybe your house will show up.  Mine did:
"my tree" is the largest of the two pines; The man/fleeing smoke monster are for scale
I was able to see the pine tree my parents planted in my honor the week I was born, not that I'm bragging, it's a monster.  If you get the same error, maybe you should try the address of the White House or something.

Monday, September 6

She & Him - Bank Dance

Happy Labor Day!
Did nothing truly productive today.
The hubs is sick so I've been enjoying the uninterrupted magazine reading and rom com watching... Don't worry I'm providing him occasional gatorade & saltine refills.

Sunday, September 5

Halloween - Martha can't fail

I mentioned Martha's new pet line a while back, unfortunately her dog collars were a poor fit - the small was too large and extra small was too small.  So disappointed.  We considered buying a leather punch and making it work, but it would have looked ridiculous.  Tim Gunn would not have approved.

This year, Martha decided to put all of her Halloween ideas in a "Halloween Handbook," which I picked up at JoAnn's with a 40% off coupon for $4.

Nearly everything in this exclusive handbook is available on her website, but as a fan of both MS and Halloween I'm glad I own it.  Now, I just have to find the motivation to get my craft on.

Saturday, September 4

a perfect saturday morning

I'm devouring "Anti-9-to-5" this morning, but took a break to photograph my favorite things of the hour:

Steaming hot pumpkin coffee

Sounds of a flickering (pumpkin) candle

Wicked warm mocs

Of course, Lebowski is sleeping next to me but I can't disturb him to take a photo. Spoiled much?

Friday, September 3


Happy Friday!
Today, I'm taking a break from home decor magazines and reading this on my lunch hour:

Here's a link to the book-related blog...  Hopefully, no one will walk by my car and notice what I'm reading.  I'm such a rebel.

Side note: What I wouldn't give for a picnic table or some shade.  Three years of eating lunch in my car is no match for any vacuum cleaner attachment.  Maybe Brooke has the right idea.

Thursday, September 2

best news I've read all day

Pumpkin Spiced Latte is back at Starbucks!

confession: I didn't read this online randomly.  I searched through pages of Starbucks-related queries to find out if/when the pumpkin spice syrups would return. Yes, that's what my pumpkin obsession has come down to.

Wednesday, September 1

september goals

My goal is to post every single day this month.  I've been running out of ideas to talk about and been a downer lately... on top of feeling guilty about neglecting this space.  September is a new start!

So did you pick out your new computer desktop?

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