Thursday, August 12

add this to the list...

...of songs I'd have loved to play on the harp:

to quote one of the comments,"eargasm"

Tuesday, August 10

10 months!

Did you know I walked down the aisle to "Here Comes the Sun?"  I should really try to finish my wedding recaps in the next month, especially before I forget everything...

From here
My wonderful cousin Anne-Marie gave us a "Yellow Submarine" music box at our wedding.  Now that we're approaching the one year mark, I'll take one of each of the music box Beatles songs - thanks! ;)

Thursday, August 5

pretty popular pillows

A couple of weeks ago I went on a Target retail therapy session on my lunch hour and came out with these golden beauties by Dwell for Target, thinking I was so original:

Upon doing a quick search through my Google Reader, I came across some similarities...

First, there was this post at Little Green Notebook, which must have planted the seed back in March:

Then, last week there was this post by Young House Love:
Coincidental, right?  Then a couple days later, they popped up here at Marta Writes:

Great minds, no?  Andy may not be in love with them, but how can you pass up that kind of a bargain? I love how it brings in the saffron from the curtains!

Wednesday, August 4

love this: jennifer & barbara


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