Sunday, May 31

the Wilton Experience

On Friday I just about lost a hand at the wilton tent sale for these goodies...

parchment paper, professional spatula, Martha Stewart cupcake papers, baker's twine, 2 MS giant cupcake pans, cookie press, pure vanilla, buttercream frosting mix, a MS/Macy's 5-piece rectangular cake/muffin/mini muffin carrier and pans and a MS cupcake tower!

Here's the beginning of the line, it took about 40 minutes to actually get into the tent entrance at the opposite end... and I got there right when they opened!

Getting closer!

The whole thing was terribly disorganized and although I did walk out with everything I wanted (and then some - two giant cupcake pans - don't ask) it wasn't more than 40%-50% off their regular items which comes out to the same as using a Michael's or JoAnn's coupon.
Def. not worth the wait or insanity, but at least I can say "I've done that" while gorging on a giant cupcake.

Thursday, May 28

c.e.s.o. part deux

okay, I think I was a going a little too dressy next to Andy's "casual."
How about this one?

casual engagement session outfits...

what do you think? I'm not loving my shoes...

Wednesday, May 27

Much needed...

I've been reading Makeunder My Life for a while; great tips and suggestions for getting rid of life's clutter, but now she's getting into
I know I could use some inspiriation and direction in simpliciation.
I don't even know where to begin right now in the midst of wedding planning and a community garage sale in two weeks.
Athough, I think this is just the kick in the ass opportunity I need right now...

Start Here:
How and Why

Step One:
makeunder step one: create a vision

PS - Let me know if you're going to attempt to follow along, I could use the support!

It's just one more thing to worry about...

Remember when I won that Budior session? I was so excited an thrilled but right now it just feels like "one more 'thing.'" I know its free and it kills me to pass up that kind of bargain, but I wouldn't want to go alone and I know my schedule and my girlfriends' schedules don't have much time to take a weekend off for Galena...

So what do you think I should do?
Go for it! This body is only going to go downhill...
Save the time, energy, gas and money spent on lingerie - you've got enough to worry about!

Tuesday, May 26

in case you were wondering

Andy and I were at Toys R Us and noticed that the SpongeBob Lego set was in both French and English. I love that Squidward's name in French is Carlo.
Patrick Star
Patrick's name in other languages:
French: Patrick Etoile
German: Patrick
Icelandic: Pétur
Lithuanian: Patrikas Žvaigždė
Portuguese: Patrick Estrela
Swedish: Patrik Stjärna
Spanish: Patricio Estrella

Squidward Tentacles
Dutch: Octo Tentakels (sometimes inkiepinkie)
French: Carlo Tentacules
German: Thaddäus Tentakel (A very unpopular first name, which categorizes him as an older person)
Italian: Squiddi
Korean: 징징이 (Jingjingi, a slang term for "Octopus")
Norwegian language: Bleke
Portuguese (Brazil): Lula Molusco
Spanish (Spain): Calamarno
Spanish (Latin America): Calamardo Tentáculos
Swedish: Bläckvard Tentakel

Eugene H. Krabs
German: Eugene Krabs, usually referred to as "Mr Krabs"
French: Eugène Krabs
Swedish: Herr Krabba
Portuguese: Eugene Sirigueijo
Indonesian : Tuan Krabs (Tuan = mister)

Sandy Cheeks

Dutch: Sandy Wang
Spanish: Arenita Mejillas
Portuguese: Sandy Bochechas
Indonesian: Sandy Tupai (Tupai = squirrel)
Swedish: Sandy Kind

Thursday, May 21

Reader addiction

My mom simply asked me to put together the photos of flowers I've been saving so she could show one of her co-workers (who could potentially be my florist).
I have been saving my favorite posts on Google Reader for ages and starting using their tagging system as soon as I discovered it.
I planned on pulling up the "flowers" and "reception" tags and emailing them, but then I realized how many untagged items I have...

Not all starred items are wedding-related, but for the most part they are... yikes! Also, does anyone else use Reader and want to start sharing starred items?
Here are mine!

I know what I'll be doing tonight after my LAST NIGHT OF BOOT CAMP!

Wednesday, May 20

I wonder how drunk Andy would have to be to do this for me...

Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

Hilarious. Awesome. Such a great idea!

Sorry, I know what I need to do...

I need to post more - I know...

The Results are in!

I officially went from "Very Poor" to "Poor" in the cardiovascular section of the boot camp testing. Even more encouraging, I went from borderline Poor/Moderate body composition to Good! Yay! Tomorrow night we find out who the most improved is and prizes will be awarded. Fingers crossed that I at least place 3rd and score a mani.

4 months and 3 weeks to go!

Thursday, May 14

spot on

I'm not 100% on this exact shade of green, but THIS is exactly what I had in mind for our wedding - with a sprinkle of silver starfish/sun dollars

Click to expand...

Tuesday, May 12

boot camp testing

This is our second to last week of boot camp, but we did some of our testing last night:
Here are my stats, or at least what I was able to remember:
Beginning - Ending
Weight: 146 lbs - 142 lbs
Sit-ups: 20 - 37
Push-ups: 10 - 22
Hips: -2.75"
Waist: -3"

Thursday night we'll do as many laps as we can in 12 minutes.
The first time I did 11 laps (12 laps = 1 mile).

Did I mention there's a contest for the most improved? There are 4 of us that qualify and the top prizes are: 1st place - massage, facial, mani; 2nd place - facial; 3rd place - mani. I know I can at least place third but of course I'm going to go for broke and kill myself on Thursday!

Wish me luck!

Remember that episode of Friends where they go running in the park?
Let's just say I run like a total Pheobe!

Sunday, May 10

5 months to go!

Wow, I still have a lot to do but at least I've found a dress!
Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 7


Remember that good shopping karma I mentioned? Well, here's what happened:
Last Friday, I popped into Targhetto on my lunch hour I found an amazing deal on a JBL iPod stereo - $44.95, regularly $149! I looked up the reviews (nice!) and promptly bought the little guy. I brought it home and long story short, someone had replaced the power cord with a phone charger - wtf?!I'm guessing someone stole the display and needed a power cord so they did a switcheroo.
I called the Targhetto I bought it from to see if I could exchange it for the other clearance item. I found out that clearance items cannot be placed on hold and apparently I am a lair and thief. By chance Andy and I went to the Target near us to see if they could help. They had the same stereo and although it wasn't clearance they did an even exchange and gave me a brand new unopened stereo!
I walked away with a savings of $100!!
The sound is great btw; it has a pretty good remote and it is compatible with my nano and Andy's iPhone.
We're going to be using it for our wedding reception DJ during dinner and it came in under budget. Yay!

Wednesday, May 6


Whew! Once again my good shopping karma paid off and I got lucky...
Last week I ordered 4 JCrew dresses in two different styles for engagement photos (not sure what sizes since I can go either way with their clothing). 
When I went to place the order this dress in one size was ripped from my shopping cart... and the other size waitlisted!
When I happened to check on my online order today it was back in stock.  I called customer service to see if my order could be appended (I certainly didn't want to pay additional shipping) and they simply created a new order and gave me free shipping! Also, this size will be back in stock SOONER than the other size so I won't have to wait as long. Yay!
Here's the other dress that I ended up ordering.  We'll just have to wait and see which is a better fit!
testing... testing... this is my first email post...

Tuesday, May 5


I apologize for my absence... I won't really go into the main reason, but one reason is that I have been a busy lady!

Last weekend was quite a success, I bought the most perfect thank you notes, an ipod stereo to use for our SSI Reception (awesome/crazy story) and most importantly....


What a relief! It came down between two dresses - two very different dresses. The sales woman that was helping me had some excellent advice: "One of these dresses you can close your eyes and picture yourself walking down the aisle, dancing and smiling in... just close your eyes and you'll know."

And as lame as it felt, I did close my eyes... and the winner became clear.
She's perfect and we got to bring her home that day!

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