Friday, April 30

free font friday - via iDIY

font free handwritten calligraphy 3
I'm working a 65 hour week so I'm borrowing today's iDIY post, please forgive me!

Thursday, April 29

my new pet

there's a crane fly that birthed itself in my terrarium - it's huge and horrifying. i might just throw the whole business away...

What's strange is that in the UK and Australia they call these flies "daddy long legs," yet call spiders by the same name  - so weird.

Friday, April 23

freebie friday - poster

Since I'm unable to showcase fonts, here's a wonderful free poster from Fiona Designs:

I'm thinking of putting this in a high gloss frame and hanging it in the office! Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 22

a little she & him to pass the day

If I were a teacher or worked at Paper Source, I would definitely channel Zooey on a daily basis...

She & Him - In The Sun from Merge Records on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 21

wonka wednesday

Saturday, April 17

even better when it's free

But what if it was pretty great to begin with?  Take these free ceiling tiles from Empire West, for example:
Joi introduced this ceiling tile project on her blog a few weeks ago, and it was something I had starred in Reader, wanted to research (are they really free?), but then forgot about.  Then I visited Amanda last week; she showed me her awesome samples so I ordered my own that day.
Fast forward to one week later and I have my very own tiles.  Free shipping too - how crazy is that?!

Here are my selections:
ceiling tiles
I'm hoping to frame them, like Joi, and hang them in the kitchen.  Andy loved the concept of actually using them as ceiling tiles, but we agreed that doesn't fit with our current decor.

Let me know if you order any samples (especially colored)!

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, April 16

free font friday - matchbook

How cute is today's font? No, really - how cute is it?  It's available in both serif and sanserif and I can just picture Don Draper approving it for use in an ad for cigarettes or popcicles.

You know who's not approving it? The IT staff at my work... all font installation/administrative rights have been taken away.  Awesome. Thanks.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 15

whip it, real good.

so far I like it, but we're only 5 minutes in...

you know how I know it's springtime?

yesterday, when we came home from work there was a dead bunny in the driveway, 

then we managed to fall asleep with tree frogs calling screaming

and were awoken to a little something like this:

Ah, the sounds and sights of spring.  Seriously though, I'm so glad it's finally here!

Sunday, April 11

weekend wrap-up

the hutch is assembled, cleaned, lined and filled with our wedding china
terrarium needs some more moss and plants before I can transform it into The Island

Pretty damn productive for two days :)

Saturday, April 10

six months of matrimony

I ordered a pewter heart from Lisa Leonard Designs for Andy and I to commemorate the occasion.  Note, his name comes first because he was shocked that our invitations and wedding ephemera didn't start with his name - "it's suppose to be alphabetical, right?"
Can't wait to give it to him later today.

Friday, April 9

forgot free font friday

my bad.
lunch with Amanda took prescience.
also, there was the whole "work" thing.

Thursday, April 8

dearest hubs

I know you probably don't visit here often, but in case you do...
As you know, Saturday is our 6 month wedding anniversary.  I'm sure you remembered, although my constant subtle hints may have helped.  If you are at a loss for where to go for dinner, or what gift me, this link has some great "investments" we could both enjoy! ;) Or we maybe we could just do dinner and spend the day hiking around the dog park and planning a trip to Las Vegas?
Much love,

Wednesday, April 7

Tina Fey

Tina looked great on Oprah... the whole "improv" peoples' conversations was a weird segment. 
Loved that Tracey Morgan got choked up when he said Tina was his friend.

Mad Peeps

Because this caused me to crack a smile after crap week:

(What's that? It's only Wednesday?!)

Tuesday, April 6

terrarium project

Inspired by this Terrariums 101 post last week, I collected various mosses at my Grandma's farm on Easter.  Right now they're doing fine in a rubbermaid container, but I hope to get started on my own miniature mossy universe tonight... No gnomes here, the theme will be "LOST inspired" ;)

Monday, April 5

good thoughts cannot ever be ugly

Friday, April 2

free font friday - comic book commando

Today's free font Friday is one of Andy's favorites. Whenever I'm printing more return address labels for us, it's what he always requests.
I like Comic Book Commando because it comes with 7 different versions: "original," 3D, bold, condensed, italic, distorted and expanded.  It's also a fun font with actually being legible! 

I hope everyone is enjoying the awesome weather this week... I swear, sun + warm weather = instant happiness.  Despite the crap thrown at me daily, this formula has worked wonders this week and I've managed to stay in good spirits.  My new positive attitude could also be from reading The Happiness Project (more on that to come).

Thursday, April 1


I enjoy giving myself reading assignments, but I may have a bit too much on my plate for April...

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