Thursday, January 28

whaddya think?

About my new template?

If you're reading this in Reader, please join me by clicking here, just for a sec.

I'm kind of hating it, no offense to, but it's not what I had in mind. I'm looking for something clean and simple.  This is loud and busy, plus I can't use the quick edit for my posts.

Feel free to link me to template you'd like to see instead.

Wednesday, January 27

ugh, food

Tired of the daily marriage count and adding that little heart... I'm so over it.

Did you watch today's Oprah - Food 101 with Michael Pollan?

Yikes! It just reinforces what I know I'm suppose to be eating (and not eating).

Food allergies already limit my diet, but those are things I should being avoiding anyway according to Alicia Silverstone's kind/vegan diet: no dairy, no pork, and limited serving of eggs.  Andy and I basically decided we'll just have to eat at Chipotle more often.  Also, isn't Chipotle owned by McDonald's? Sometimes Oprah doesn't ask the hard questions, just the crazy ones, like involving poop and inviting your friends over to see it.

There's so much more I could be doing to eat healthily, but in the mean time... here's my 10 year plan and latest blog crush:

Monday, January 25

good advice ♥ 107

"Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen." - Conan

Sunday, January 24

2,192 ♥ 106

Six years ago today, Andy and I went on our first date to the aquarium, dinner and a movie

(this is the first photo I saw of him - coincidentally taken on 10/10/03!)

1,224 days later we moved in together,

(our neighbor, Archimedes)

1,679 days after spending our date in the city he popped the question, and then

(apparently, we didn't take any photos in the month of August...)

2,086 days after our first date we became wife and husband.

Technically, we don't need to celebrate this anniversary any longer, but it should be recognized as the turning point in both our lives - Happy dating Anniversary, Andy!

Thursday, January 21

TGIT ♥ 103

Sorry I left you with such a depressing post on Monday, but hey, it was a Monday.
I have many, many reasons to be grateful for today.  In particular, I made it to work safely and on time despite the freezing rain. Also, it's Thursday already! I'm not quite sure how that happened, but I'm looking forward to the weekend. We plan to finish installing my closet organizer along with celebrating our 6 year dating anniversary.  One more day!

Monday, January 18

Haiti ♥ 100

At least a couple times a week I wonder "why didn't I take Spanish in high school? It would be so useful!" but now I wonder if four years of French was part of God's plan... I've been watching AC360 earthquake coverage. It's so heartbreaking, especially the coverage of the orphanages.

via AC360º

Sunday, January 17

our wedding party ♥ 99

Our Wedding Party:

Best Man: Matt, cousin of the groom

Maid of Honor: Megan, best friend (of 14 years) of the bride

Groomsman/Soloist: Steve, brother of the bride

Matron of Honor: Meredith, sister of the groom
IMG_3479 copy

Flower Boy/Ring Bearer: Graham, nephew of the groom

Reader: Sarah, Aunt of the groom

Usher: Dave, cousin of the groom

Attendant: Sara, fiance of the Best Man

Officiant: Rev. Rob Grotheer (just as the sprinkles began)

Saturday, January 16

what's going on? ♥ 98

I'm testing a new layout and formatting... please bear with me!

Monday, January 11

3 months ago ♥ 93

... we were enjoying our Wedding Brunch at Paula Deen's, the food coma that ensued and walking the streets of Savannah in 90º weather!

Sweet teas for all!

please excuse the crappy iphone photo

Monday, January 4

full of promise ♥ 86


Saturday, January 2

wedding vendors & details ♥ 84

Dress: from Wedding Belles, Jasmine Couture Bridal Style # T148, navy satin ribbon added

Rings: Frank Jewelers

Clutch: Emma Gordon London
Her Shoes: Navy peeptoe by Caparros

Veil: Cathedral length veil with Swarovski crystals, DIY
Jewelry: earrings by Ann Taylor, pearl necklace *borrowed* from Grandma Luella, sapphire and diamond tennis bracelet a gift from the groom

Suit, Shirt and Tie: by J Crew, Calvin Klein, and Vera Bradley

Ties: by Vera Bradley

His Shoes: Lacoste
His Socks: Gap

Flowers: A Courtyard Florist

Cake: I Do Cakes

Photography: Tim Brown Photography
Wedding Venue: The King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort
Wedding Coordinators: Scarlett Starr and Anne Thompson

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