Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

♥ Rachel

Tuesday, October 14

Photo post!

Hooray, I posted my photo as promised!

Fail. My dessert from tonight, "Apple Goo."
We still ate it.

Photo Fail

So I did take a photo to post yesterday, and one for today. I was going to be slick and post them at while at work. FAIL. The card reader on my work PC doesn't work (just like at home) and so my photos are stuck in my camera. Hopefully I will get to it tonight...

Monday, October 13

What I am doing here?

Today I was paid the nicest complement that really made my day:
"You shouldn't be working here; your talents are being wasted."

I took a variety of photos on Friday during our company picnic and sent the photo album link out Friday afternoon. Typical co-workers, no one responded with the exception of one guy asking me to photoshop himself into the photo as a joke...

What a nice surprise - someone being nice in the workplace! Her comments have spurred me to do something I love... photography. The theme of being passionate (about anything!) has come up a lot this weekend. This is just the kick in the ass I needed!

Beginning today, I'm going try to take a photo a day as a challenge for myself.
Let's see how long this lasts...

Friday, October 10

Rachel Getting Married

Today "Rachel Getting Married" came out in theaters and since today is a year before the wedding, I was so excited to see today's paper with "our date" next to "RGM" is huge letters - this is one for the scrapbook! I'd love to go see it tonight just for the ticket stub... ;)

♥ Rachel

The Countdown Begins

One year from today Andy and I will be standing on a beach, exchanging vows to become husband and wife.

I can't predict who will be president or what the economy will be like, what colors or cake I will have decided on, but I do know that I will love him more with each day.

♥ Rachel

Thursday, October 9

Happy Birthday!

♥ Rachel

Project Runway - Wedding Dresses!

On last night's Project Runway, the contestants returned from their 2 months away with their collections - including a wedding dress and a coordinating bridesmaid dress! Below are Kenley's and Leanne's gowns- my two favorites.

Also, I'm considering dressing up as Kenley for Halloween.

♥ Rachel

Wednesday, October 8

Useful Links :)

Over the weekend Andy and I were discussing the origin of his last name with our chipper Macy's registry associate. THEN I stumbled upon this website via TestPattern that can tell you the origin and the highest density of people with your last name in the world.

With the onset of fall, and considering my wedding is almost exactly one year away, I wondered what time of day the sun would be setting (for photos and planning the reception lighting)... and the only place I could think to look was the good ol' Farmer's Almanac which can tell you the sun and moon's rise and set for the next forty years!

♥ Rachel

Tuesday, October 7

Birthday - One week later

Wow, after a rocky start my birthday turned out to be wonderful.
Thanks to one of my coworkers I was treated to a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a slice of cinnamon bread. Andy surprised me at work with a vase filled with huge Stargazer lillies that filled the office with their beautiful fragrance (much to the disapproval of several coworkers) and then took me out to lunch. For dinner we went for sushi and sat in a private room - it was amazing food and ended with a tiramisou cake!

♥ Rachel

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