Saturday, March 5

101 List Updates

Today, I am SO excied as the two canvases I ordered of our wedding photos came in so I'm going to pick them up! Squeeeeeal! I am one set closer to creating a gallery wall (#28).  

So here are my 101 list updates:
#7 - Bring treats to work (not for birthday)
 I can't believe I didn't take photos, but I made about 54 mini cupcakes for Valentines Day

#42 - Help Dad find a full-time job
I updated my Dad's resume for the 2010's and he was able to find a job... probably just a coincidence.

#49 - Send a care package to my brother
Today, I wrote my brother a letter, sent him a Chicago Bears door mat for his new place, some charcoal pencils and candy... let me tell you how fun that was fun to wrap!

#60 - Take a workout class
I'm in the middle of "Cardio Surge!" right now, and it is kicking my ass... but I love it.

#72 - Clean out closets and donate clothes to charity every 6 month
Andy and I took about 2 hours sorting through our drawers and closets and ended up donating 3 garbage bags worth of clothes to Goodwill.  We also found some towels to take to the animal shelter :)

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