Wednesday, October 21

Wedding photo anticipation

I'm completely dreading getting our professional photos back. Oh, sure I tell everyone that asks that I am dying to see them, but the truth is I am terrified of just exactly how disappointed I am going to be...
My expectations have been extremely high for our wedding photos since my nightmarish search began. There were soooo many photos on my "must shoot list" that were not taken at our wedding - even more disappointing there was only one shot of Andy and I on the beach together, facing the camera so I know there were no "casually walking hand-in-hand photos," silhouette portraits, or even less importantly our iPhone photo.
The photographers emailed me back today, they will be uploading our slide show Saturday morning. Unfortunately this allows little time
for troubleshooting the download/DVD burning process and even less time for me to accept there's photos that were taken. I guess the only thing I can do is prepare myself to be disappointed so if the photos turn out to decent it will be a nice surprise.


megan said...

from my view, you guys looked adorable - i have to believe you'll fall in love with most of them!

Jen said...

I'm sorry to hear you're not looking forward to getting them back...I hope you are pleasantly surprised!

Melissa said...

try not to set yourself up for disappointment. maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised with more candid ones that may have not been in your forethought. :)

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