Thursday, December 10

two month anniversary and updates

I think we can all agree it's been a crazy couple of weeks and will continue to get busier as we approach 2010. I honestly, cannot believe it's been two months since the wedding. Some days it feels like years and others, merely days... so that being said:

Happy two month anniversary, Andy!

I have so many things to share, but so little well used time! Sitting on the couch ensconced in a Snuggie and watching bad TV is winning out over blogging and Christmas baking. I am nearly recovered from my post-wedding depression of sorts (read: laziness) and am SO excited for our first Christmas as marrieds, but hopefully not the smug kind.

Here are some upcoming blog posts you can look forward to, assuming I find my camera cable and stop watching Steven Segal, Lawman:
· Created a Wedding album on Blurb
· Attended Pottery Barn decorating class with my Mom
· Bought many "ownership" pieces at said class
· The husband took his last undergrad final
· Made Pumpkin Pie cupcakes (yay!)
· Failed at making Pumpkin Pie fudge
· Photos and projects from the wedding!

Hope you’re all staying warm and safe this week.
I highly recommend making a mug jug of hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps to fight the cold!


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