Wednesday, September 29

We all Stroll in a Yellow Submarine

Allow me to preface this post by saying, I will pretty much buy anything Beatles-related.  Slap that logo on something as useless as a steering wheel cover - I'd buy it.  "Strawberry Fields" nail polish? Why, yes!  I can't even take The Beatles Trivial Pursuit Andy bought me for Christmas out of the packaging.  Second, I must be very clear when I state that I am not, nor am I/we planning on having kids in the next 5 years at the EARLIEST.  Not in the immediate picture. No.freakin.way. For Reals.

But check this thing out:

From Here
Oh, and talk about accessories (For when the "Rain" comes, of course!)

Damn, babies are expensive and NOT happening any time soon.  Although, I kinda want to buy it and convert it into a dog buggy... a very expensive, socially unacceptable dog buggy.


Anonymous said...

I have some Beatles lullabies for Signe. She really likes them. Ringo songs specifically translate really well to the lullaby format :)

Melissa A.

melissaoct6 said...

this fuckin' rocks dude!!

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