Saturday, April 17

even better when it's free

But what if it was pretty great to begin with?  Take these free ceiling tiles from Empire West, for example:
Joi introduced this ceiling tile project on her blog a few weeks ago, and it was something I had starred in Reader, wanted to research (are they really free?), but then forgot about.  Then I visited Amanda last week; she showed me her awesome samples so I ordered my own that day.
Fast forward to one week later and I have my very own tiles.  Free shipping too - how crazy is that?!

Here are my selections:
ceiling tiles
I'm hoping to frame them, like Joi, and hang them in the kitchen.  Andy loved the concept of actually using them as ceiling tiles, but we agreed that doesn't fit with our current decor.

Let me know if you order any samples (especially colored)!

Have a great Saturday!


mandaelyse said...

Nice choices! Be sure to show us how they look on your wall.

Joi said...

How exciting! Your choices are lovely! I really like them. : )

Anonymous said...

I love those! I have a couple that I bought at a craft store that are copper colored and I really like them. Always wished I could find more.

Melissa A.

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