Sunday, January 9

#40 Spend a day with my brother

My brother, Steve, took his girlfriend, Jordan, to Chicago on Friday to show her around and visit the museums. After sitting in traffic for 2 1/2 hours (Friday + rush hour + flurries), they made it to our place to spend the weekend! Side note: I find that having guests is the perfect motivator for getting the house clean... and to bust out the waffle iron ;)

Lebowski is still nervous around Uncle Steven

On Friday night, we took them for Chicago-style pizza at Lou Malnati's and walked around downtown Naperville.
a fifth Beatle?
On Saturday, we enjoyed homemade sticky buns (recipe 1/25)...
more like super sticky buns
Ate our weight in sushi... and enjoyed free smells from Penzey's Spices
I love that they sat us in a private room!

Went to Goodwill and saw True Grit...
unread and only $2!
Then, today, ate waffles and posed for pictures.
Candids are much better than portraits, sometimes.
I'm so happy they were able to come visit before heading back to Colorado.  Despite having colds, Andy and I had a great time entertaining and getting caught up with my little bro.  In addition, I'm glad this was the first item I crossed off my 101 list.  Not only did I spend "a day" with Steven, it was more like 48 hilariously adventurous hours!

#40 - Spend a day with my brother - Complete


mandaelyse said...

Looks like a fun weekend!!

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