Tuesday, September 30

Rachel and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad start to the birthday

Wow. What a random way to start the 25th year of my life...
When I took the dog out to potty this morning there was a woman and a little girl dressed in all black (dressed more like those nuns that wear black or burqas or ninjas) running down the street. It really spooked the dog and he went crazy barking and running around frantically. I brought him inside to feed him and start my bread (to take into work) and he got even more spooked and hid under the table and wouldn't stop barking. Lovely. Sorry Andy, I hope you weren't trying to sleep.

When I was attempting to make cinnamon pull-apart bread (monkey bread) the buttery cinnamon sugar gaze boiled over the top of the pan and pooled in the bottom of the oven and started to burn while I was in the shower. It woke Andy out of bed and he started bagging on the bathroom door - FIRE! FIRE!

Apparently our fire detectors are awesome because when I ran downstairs to check it out, it was just smoking. Then the smoke detector started speaking "FIRE" at us (I had no idea it could do that!) and that's when things got bad. I turned off the oven and Andy and I (sopping wet) were running around opening windows and fanning the detectors. The poor dog is so stressed today... so are we!

I have no idea what the plans are for tonight, but Andy is going to take me to lunch. I'm guessing I'll go over to his parents for presents and cake. Maybe out to dinner.

♥ Rachel


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