Saturday, September 13

Color Pallet

Before I was engaged I fell in love with these invitations from einvite - I just liked the color combination and the coral motif so I ordered a sample and tucked it away in my design/inspiration binder.

Now that I am beginning to make wedding-related decisions I'm revisiting that binder and my Google Notebook for more ideas... but keep coming back to Red and Aqua color combinations:

In writing this post, I've found a blog devoted entirely to Red and Aqua weddings!!!
This website pretty much sums it all up: "Call it aqua, turquoise, or Tiffany blue. Pairing this color with a bright red makes a color combination that can be fun and whimsical, or surprisingly elegant."

A trip to Paper Source helped solidify my love of the combination with a room filled with Red and "Pool" stationery. Thank goodness it was raining or I would have done some serious damage to my credit card but I walked away with (only) 2 stationery sets.

I'm pretty well set on these colors but considering how much time I have until I need to commit there's always room for change!


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