Monday, June 8

exfoliation - phase one complete

This weekend we sold/donated our garage sale items... I know, I still need to post the photos, but for now I'm entering phase two: "need, use, love."
With the house semi-back to normal there’s plenty of space where the crap use to be and crap still remains. Looking around, I see many things I own that make me unhappy - a knitting for dummies kit, 15 books of scrapbook paper, clothes that I’ve been being to hand-wash, sew or store and several more failed crafting attempts, all of which I hesitated putting in the garage on the off-chance I might find the time to finish/start that project.
As I looked around the house at these things, I saw comically large dollar signs sitting on the shelves.

Why the @#$% didn’t I sell this stuff?!

Because last week I was not using the "need, use, love" mantra! Instead I was thinking:
“If I ever finish cleaning the house or doing laundry I might find the time to scrapbook the past 4 years of my life (years 2002- mid-2005 are already scrapped) or make that indie necklace I saw online…” but then it hit me, I’ll never be done doing these things unless I make the time.
So, I’m going to continue to exfoliate and go over each room with a fine-toothed-mantra-laden-comb and take some time to work on the projects that make me happy (baking cupcakes!). Finally, I'm going to implement "the box" technique that Megan my MoH uses (and apparently so does Jess).


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