Wednesday, June 10

four month freak out :: updates

Holy crap, I have so much left to do… and it’s not just the little stuff. Yikes!

To cope, I have made myself a list of things that can be accomplished on my lunch hour:
-Call Trademan Photo to confirm engagement photos – why won’t this woman return my emails?! LEFT MESSAGE
-Book Steven’s flight to/from Georgia (verify there’s enough time between connecting flights) DELTA'S PHONE LINES WERE DOWN?!
- Call in reservations to Lady and Sons DONE-Paula has some strict reservation rules!
-Order STDs for IL – need to confirm digital proof DONE!
-Call bakeries for cupcake quotes

-Get a remaining email addresses for party evite
-Start finalizing address list for STDs
-Figure out what Andy’s wearing for the “formal shot” and try on some shoes because here’s all I’ve got:

and here’s a peek at the casual again:


Jen said...

Eng outfits are adorable! What about khakis and a white button down shirt for your fiance?

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