Sunday, February 7

"Perfect Bedroom" PB class

This morning, I gladly got up early for a *free* Pottery Barn class focusing on:
This was my third PB class, so I know fully well that I'm going to sit through and hour long commercial for their products, in addition to receiving great decorating tips, the new Benjamin Moore paint deck (I collect these like baseball cards) and a bedroom planner tip sheet. Plus, there's the 10% coupon you get for the day.

Here's what I took away from the class:
  • Define your space - are you looking to relax, read, use as an office? Buy furniture accordingly
  • Your pieces should fit the scale of the room - headboards are optional
  • When hanging mirrors/art in your home, the piece should not be more than 2/3 the size of the object you're hanging it over and it should be 6" from the top of said object.
  • Layer textures on your bed through pillows, throws, and headboards

Here's what I bought:
The Bethany organic duvet cover and shams - thus ends the game I play with the dog where he attacks my feet through the comforter.  Also, Andy: Please no more ink marks on the bedding (falling asleep while doing crossword puzzles is risky business with "grown-up" bedding).  The ladies at PB pimped their PB Essential bedding line pretty hard.  I was impressed; it's a line of super soft basic white linens.  However, I still have Kohl's gift cards from the wedding that we need to use so I'm sure I'll find something comparable.

I'm looking forward to transforming our bedroom into a "relaxing retreat" on a budget, and with the discount and quality organic bedding, I'm off to a good start!


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