Thursday, February 4

Starchy surprise

On a whim, I've decided to make homemade fries with Paula Deen's House Seasoning to go with our guac burgers, see?
I just made up a recipe: cut up some potatoes that are about to go bad, throw them in a giant ziploc bag with veggie oil, seasoning and a pinch of chili powder.  Cook at 425 for 12 minutes, flip fries, cook additional 12 minutes or until crispy. We like 'em extra crispy!

Serve with a giant bowl of barbecue sauce, and a smile. you're awesome.


mandaelyse said...

I'm for sure going to try this!

mandaelyse said...

P.S. Remember on Gilmore Girls when Mrs. Kim referred to french fries as the devil's starchy fingers?

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