Thursday, March 18

Not sure which is weirder...

Coworker: Good morning, how are you?
Me: Fine, you? (thinking: crap! this was a set up)
Coworker: My back's acting up again and I haven't been sleeping well...
Me (pre coffee, still not thinking): I know what you mean.
Coworker: Really? You do?! (in a "this is some sort of contest" tone)
Me: Well, I had this horrible nightmare that the hotel I was staying in had a dead cat problem and I got moved from a 4th floor room to the first floor. Then a hurricane began flooding the hotel parking lot and washing cars into our hotel room. In addition to the possibility of drowning, now there were cars crashing into our room and crushing us with each ebb of the waves. All I kept thinking was, "if only I hadn't complained about those dead cats we'd probably survive on the 4th floor." Then I woke up drenched in sweat.
Coworker: Oh, yeah? I always dream about people from work, in a rotation - only one coworker per dream.
Me: You win.


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