Friday, March 12

free font friday - clementine sketch

Today's featured font is:
by Teagan White

I first encounted this font over at Nuestra Vida Dulce and downloaded it via
This font is a little tricky to use.  In order to have closed letters at the beginning of each word it must be capitalized. 
Also, to "close" each letter be sure to use a ^ (carrot?) after each word. 



mandaelyse said...

Uh oh, I don't think Joi knows that trick about closing the letters!

rachel♥jo said...

I didn't even notice... hopefully she won't think I'm a b*tch!

Anonymous said...

This is just an editing comment, got a little typo with "shift + 6".

Melissa A.

rachel♥jo said...

From the creator:
(There are two irregularities: W & V. If a word contains a W, you must end the preceding letter with a ^. If a word contains a V, you must end the preceding letter with a ^ and capitalize the letter following the V.)

Amazingly^ Fe^w^ Discotheques^ Pro^vIde^ Jukeboxes^.

mandaelyse said...

Haha, good spot, Melissa.

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