Friday, May 14

Freebie Friday - Pop Tab Container Wrap

As you may know, a coworker and I collect pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House Chicago.  I've made dorky little signs and taped them to jars for my Mom's office, my church, and our house. So far, we've managed to accumulate two 5-gallon buckets of tabs!

Yesterday, I noticed the library had a way-cuter and much more professional "container wrap" colored by an adorable budding artist.  It is much better than my janky sign, so this week I'm sharing a free download for a printable jar wrap made by professionals at RMH marketing:

Since I have trouble coloring in the lines, I've made a color version that will surely suck every drop of ink out of your printer, but just remember, it's for a good cause!

Here's hoping you start collecting your own pop tabs, and if you do, I promise to pick them up from your house and take them to RMHC!


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