Thursday, May 20

A quick brain dump...

It’s been a week of daylong meetings, so by the time I get home my brain is mush and I just want to stream Party Down from Netflix… sorry for the lack of posts!
On Sunday, I attended my second-cousin-once-removed’s Baby Shower. They don’t know what they’re having so we ended up saying “Baby Z” which was frickin’ cute adorable. We played the clothespin game where “cute” was the banned word. I saw the favors (below) and immediately lost my clothespin:

The mother-to-be’s mom (my dad’s cousin) knitted these cupcakes and filled them with the traditional peanut-mint shower combo. I about died from cute overload.

Last Friday, I got a half-assed email from the community president saying that there was going to be a community-wide garage sale… in one week! Andy and I have been franticly pricing and purging since we got the notice. On the plus side, we were really dragging our feet about picking a date for the garage sale ourselves, so after this weekend I can throw away my Hoarder’s application and have overnight guests again.

Hope everyone’s having a great week… not sure if I’ll be able to post a Friday Freebie link tomorrow!


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