Thursday, June 17

baby onesies!

I had so much fun designing these baby onesie iron ons before meeting Melissa's baby, Signe last weekend! 

As you know/deduced I'm a bit "Type A" and so I wanted to craft her something that we could all use to estimate how much the baby's grown since we don't get to see each other very often.  I loved this idea from YoungHouseLove in which they plan to put each month's photos into an album for their baby's first birthday.

I went crazy tearing the house apart looking for the "8 month" and finally gave up, took the picture, and hit the road.  It turned out #8 was stuck to the #7 due to the insane amount of humidity... I did an "ombre" gradient (the 12 is 100% pink and the 2 month is about 10%). The fonts used are Albemarle Swash and Century Gothic.

Note to self: iron on transfers need to be reversed... print a couple test pages in greyscale first!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these, they are so cute!!!!!

We'll see this weekend if I can follow instructions. I'm getting the "2 month" one ready to go

Melissa A.

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