Wednesday, June 9

brain dump

Last night I had my first photography class at the junior college. It was nothing like "Community," although people might be thinking I'm the overachieving "Annie" since I got pulled up to the front to model light sources. I thought my teacher was pointing to my camera, not me, when he said "Can I use this a minute?"

I have been making a point to take photos every day since I picked up my camera (and to help alleviate some buyer's remorse) so was playing around with ISO settings on Monday night. As I rushed out the door yesterday, I thought to myself "wouldn't it be my luck to leave the camera on overnight and have a dead battery for class?"  Um, so that's exactly what happened.  Luckily, the first part of class was an "intro/expectations" discussion and my battery was fully charged by the time we got clickin'.

Speaking of my awesome luck, I got up early on Sunday and went outside with my nifty new camera to take photos of the ducks and tadpoles in the pond in front of our place. I was walking the ledge, overgrown with shrubbery, and stepped onto a ledge that wasn't there. I fell about 3 feet and bruised my legs, scraped my arms and fell into a pile of rocks. Luckily, I had my lens hood and filter for protection, but both of our bodies experienced a couple scratches. I shutter (hehe) to think was could have happened to my precious Nikon... My ego was more bruised than anything else, but I'm sure the neighbors enjoyed the show.

Back to yesterday! When I got home from class there were potted purple mums on the dining room table. I was thrilled to have fresh flowers in the house and immediately said to Andy, "Are those from your Mom, did she stop by!?" The look on his face told me that he was the one that bought the mums... oops! He completely took me by surprise since he said his evening plans were play video games in the man cave. I guess he picked up on my subtle crappy mood and wanted to show his support for my new hobby.  I brought them to work to brighten up my cell cubicle.

A coworker and I dropped off the pop tabs we've been collecting for the Ronald McDonald House. Thanks to all of you that have been collecting for us! We dropped off at least a 40lb garbage bag, which comes out to well over 50,000 tabs! The RMH office was very cool - I would love to work for a non-profit. Unfortunately, they're not hiring, but they did give me some extra cardboard tab collection houses as a consolation.
I'm excited to blog about a little crafty project I whipped up for a friend who may or may not have a had a baby recently... but I don't want to ruin the surprise! Post to come, I promise.

Happy Hump Day!


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