Monday, July 13

cookware: a conclusion

First of all, thanks to everyone that shared their thoughts on the stainless steel vs. non-stick cookware debate. We decided to go with stainless steel so I researched "the best" (All-Clad) and "the best value" (Cuisinart Chefs Classic) and ended up selecting the Cuisinart which happens to be sold at Macy's... and it so happens that the 17-pc set is being downsized to 10-pc.
We went to Macy's to register for it and we were told since it's a discontinued set the in-store price is $30 and it can't be added to the registry. Yes, you read that right $30 from $670... Unfortunately, no Macy's stores actually have it so it has to be purchased online for $250. Which is a steel ;) if you ask me!


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