Saturday, July 4

Freedom Cupcake

Here is my GIANT patriotic Wilton cupcake:

Since we're going cupcakes instead of wedding cake, I wonder if the top tier should be this giant cupcake and the lower tiers all minis... like this:
via cupcakes take the cake
What do you think? Does it take away from the cuteness of the little cupcakes? Also, this cupcake is about 10" tall, so it would dominate the cake table display.

Not wedding related: in my experience, the bad thing about this cupcake pan was that the top half was finished baking long before the bottom (the stump) and I had not choice but to sacrifice the top by baking it longer so that the bottom wouldn't be raw. Luckily, enough frosting can fix anything. I'm sure professionals could bake it without an issue.


Melissa said...

me likey.

plus, it'll be fun to eat the topper on your 1 yr anniversary!

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