Wednesday, July 1


Hooray! the STDs went out in today's mail
Boo! Macy's has discontinued our cookware:

Luckily, it's a holiday weekend so we can drive up to "the good Macy's" and check out the new style or make the switch to All Clad. I'm torn about getting nonstick pans... I hate our melange of college student pans (stainless) everything sticks and then burns. Anodized/Teflon pans have that wonderful nonstick feature, but with a side of cancer (or so I've heard) and typically require hand washing.
Looks like I'm just going to have to do some cookware research tonight re:nonstick verses stainless and see if anyone's reviewed the new Calphalon Unison...

So, are you a non-stick or stainless type of gal?


Melissa said...

I've heard that the nonstick pans only become a cancer hazard when the teflon wears or chips off. i.e. don't use forks or metal utensils on the nonstick surface. but i'm sure there's a possibility of that naturally happening over the years though anyway. i personally, have stainless steel that i got from amity's attic a couple years ago. they do the job but everything sticks sometimes which is not cool. anyways, uh, i hope this was helpful(?).

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