Monday, November 23

Destination wedding photos received!

Last night we received our official login for the wedding photos! Yay!

Here's I rated each section:
Web show - A+ these are the photos included in the slideshow from our wedding celebration
Getting Ready - B
Portraits1 - B +
First Sight - A
Ceremony - C This has nothing to do with the "change of venue" but it seems as though many of the important photos are missing from the photo roll, but I'm impressed based on how poor the lighting was...
Portraits2 - B+ the photos on the beach make up for the poor lighting and ties/hair akimbo
Reception - B my *new* aunt and uncle took some spectacular detail shots, I plan on including them in the album we design

Without further ado, the moment you've all been waiting for... drum roll please!

There's no easy way for me to tally the final number of photos, but I'd say 85% are great.
It's the other 15% that are spoiling bunch... for me.

Let me just say how happy I am to be getting the physical photo files and online album after 44 days - I am THRILLED!!

That being said (Curb reference, anyone?), I'm a little disappointed in the final results. It seems like they could have used an extra week to wrap up the job, but I'm not sure that's something I should have offered in my follow-up email last week... "How's it going with our wedding photos? Do you need a deadline extension?"

Okay, I know everyone's their toughest critic, but I'm kind of surprise at the stuff that was overlooked in the finishing of the photos... lack of cropping, glistening beads of sweat cascading down the side of my love's face during our close-up, the "why the heck is this photo included" photos, the absent "presentation of the couple" (maybe the only other photo they have was worse than what's there - IMG_3374, if you're following along), I'll let the slight the farmer's tan lines on my arms go, but the wings of hair and our ring bearer's tie could easily be corrected with the Cloning tool, right?

I'm just going to cherry pick the best photos and make my own album, obvs, but is it within my rights to ask them to clean up the images we want to get printed?

I mean, surely you'll notice these things in the the wall-sized canvases we plan on hang thoughout our entire house and give as gifts to all of our friends and family (just wait until that awkward gift exchange ;) ). But in all seriousness, I will be asking that the photos we want printed be cleaned up. They could really go from good to amazing, that and my free photoshop trial has expired.

Hey, did I tell you that we did a lap around the room since there was no aisle? I thought it was pretty funny/fitting, but those photos aren't really there either... Oh, and thanks for listening!


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