Tuesday, November 17

Still No Pro Photos...

37 days
907 hours
54,443 minutes
3,266,625 seconds
Since we were officially married!

We were promised photos in 4-6 weeks and it's been 5 weeks. Call me Bridezilla, but I'm calling the photographers if I don't get anything by Saturday.

I feel like I need to justify my bitching:
My memory is horrible, in general, but my memory of our wedding day is spotty - at best. Neither Grandmother has seen more than a few random shots that family members were able to take throughout the day. Come on, not even a few "teaser" photos on your blog or website? And the video slideshow they sent as expired...
Even more importantly, I was hoping to get Blurb wedding photo albums made in time to qualify for their holiday sale (through 11/24). I'm taking a Blurb webinar tonight, so hopefully I can learn some amazing shortcuts to cranking out 4 albums asap to get that discount (assuming I have photos to place in said albums!).

Has anyone used Blurb to design a photo album? How'd it go? Worth the price?


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