Tuesday, September 7

Arcade Fire

Andy introduced me to the Arcade Fire back in the day, so imagine how cool I felt when I heard about their "interactive HTML5 music experience, 'The Wilderness Downtown' " before he did.

Enter the address of your childhood home and the faceless character in the music video pops up in various windows across your monitor running through your neighborhood.  It's all very fancy with the way they integrated Google street view into the "experience."

So I ran the address of my childhood home first - I was so impressed.

I brought my laptop to my sick husband and gushed about the coolness of the Arcade Fire's HTML5 thingy and offered to show him his childhood home in a music video.

His response? "I have no idea what the address was... I was 4.  Try the house my parents are in now."
Unfortunately, here's what happened:
Your address doesn't contain enough Street-View and/or Google Maps data to 100% enjoy this experience.

If you're lucky maybe your house will show up.  Mine did:
"my tree" is the largest of the two pines; The man/fleeing smoke monster are for scale
I was able to see the pine tree my parents planted in my honor the week I was born, not that I'm bragging, it's a monster.  If you get the same error, maybe you should try the address of the White House or something.


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