Sunday, September 12

sunday catch up

Oops, I missed yesterday's post... kind of like yesterday, I missed out on most of the day!
I slept too late, and when I arrived at my haircut appointment she was 45 later than scheduled to a tardy bridal party so I didn't get back home until 3ish. We ended up eating a late lunch which lead to a really late dinner of poor choices.  Although, we did enjoy watching Date Night.

Although it killed me, I canceled my Pottery Barn fall decorating class today.  I am strapped for cash and since I didn't get a chance to put out my fall/Halloween decs last year I don't really remember what I have and I know I wouldn't have been able to stop myself at PB. 
I am still lusting after these, but word on the street is there's something similar at Home Goods:
We broke out the crock pot for chicken tacos today, so now it's time for me to get my shred on! Have a great week, my dears!


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