Saturday, February 28

i am SO stealing this!

I'm not having a traditional (church) wedding and I'm essentially planning a destination elopement. So I've been torn on how to include the women that have been such an important part of my life in our wedding without breaking their banks and still showing some love. Currently, we're having Andy's sister, nephew and cousin and my brother in our wedding party. To honor our friendship, I've lovingly burdened one of my oldest friends with the responsibilities of MoH and she's flying down for the festivities.

I have been considering "honorary bridesmaids" for when we're back in Illinois but thought the idea was kind of lame... and then I ready this "non-traditional wedding party post" featuring Lauren's genius idea:

I'm not having bridesmaids, so I sent an Evite (I love Evites) to 10 of my friends asking them to be non-bridesmaids, with the following job description. It was really fun to read what everyone wrote back (and they all loved the idea!)

A non-bridesmaid:
· Listens to me complain about how expensive weddings are.
· Comes wedding dress shopping IF she wants.
· Helps my mom throw a shower.
· Domes to the bachelorette party if she can.
· Helps out doing whatever she likes to do or is good at (i.e. baking snickerdoodles, making invitations, making funny videos of the other guests, drinking mimosas, etc).
· Helps me get ready day-of (hint: this may involve drinking mimosas).
· Tells me when I'm being bride-zilla-ish.

A non-bridesmaid does NOT:
· Wear the same dress as all the other non-bridesmaids. She wears her own dress (or skirt, or lovely pantsuit) instead.
· Get her hair or makeup done for my wedding (you all are very familiar with making yourself look beautiful every day), Caveat: if you WANT to get your hair or makeup done because you love any excuse to be pampered, then I am all for that! Pamper yourself!
· Carry flowers. Caveat: if you really want some flowers, I will get you some, just for being such a fabulous friend.
· Stands in the front of all the other guests. But you can sit in the front row if you arm wrestle my brother for his spot!

I hope you get the idea. If I were going to have a giant wedding party, you would absolutely all be up there with me, but I'm not, and I still wanted you to know how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate your friendship. Plus, with an Evite, you can all read each other's clever comments! Awwwwww....

This is pretty much what I had in mind! Now I just have to send the evite...


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