Sunday, February 8

shopping karma strikes again

I am indecisive... this is nothing new, but being indecisive when it comes to unbelievable bargains doesn't usually work well in my favor.

Many a-time the cute clearance sweater I saw online while at work is sold out by the time I get home (sorry, but I don't want to risk getting fired for shopping at work. although, I don't believe there's anything wrong with saving things in your shopping cart for after hours ;) ).

On Saturday Andy and I went shopping for living room furniture and wound up at the Crate and Barrel Outlet. FYI - nearly all of the furntiture there looks like it was assaulted with knives and chains, but it was worth looking since I found these:

Initially, I LOVED them, since they go with our wedding/house theme, doubled matted, high quality print, a they're real art, but at $125 each - Final Sale/Price I had to sleep on it.

Admist the wedding nightmares I kept thinking about these little guys and knew I had to have them! Like I said, I've been burned by waiting on last chance items so I knew if they were still there it was meant to be. The employees at C&B were so nice when I called and offered to keep an eye on the pieces for me since they aren't allowed to put anything on hold at the store. Andy and I got there a couple hours after the store opened only to see SOLD tags taped to the glass... Whew, apparently they made an exception and held them for me!

I got home feeling great about gown-up my purchase and Andy was happy because he found a new collectors Star Wars lego set. I went online to blog about my bargain and steal photos from the Crate & Barrel website... OMG! They retail for $598 for the pair! So yeah, I got an incredible deal... and apparently, they're hand painted. Now I just need to decide where to hang them, there's about 5 different spots where they'd work, but I just can't decide ;)


mandaelyse said...

Ooohhh, I like those. How big are they?

Rachel said...

they're pretty big, 50" tall

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