Tuesday, February 24

It’s a good thing

Today, I am focusing on the good…
My wedding coordinator finally called – she’s 70% certain that I have a photographer and she’s pretty talented!

I was approved for my wedding-only no interest mileage credit card. As soon as it comes I can book our ceremony airfare and buy a ton of Forever stamps.

Tonight, I am going to stop by the health club and sign up for the Bridal Fitness Extreme class. Even though it’s a drive, I hope to make some friends while getting in shape.

I was able to find a compromise with the registry – Kohl’s. Andy hates B,B&B and my mom wanted us to register at an affordable store with more locations. People can still use coupons and I was able to move a lot of the items off of our Macy’s and Crate & Barrel registries over to Kohl’s. Yay!

I got an epic long email from my little brother regarding wedding stuff. He’s more excited about eating at Paul Deen’s than anything else wedding-related – damn, I miss him and can’t blame him!

Got some clever kids' table ideas from blogstalking today – Activity books! Thanks, Heather!


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