Friday, February 27

living room re-do

I've been spending a LOT of time reading This Young House and I’m itching to redo our living room. I love the color and the couches, and I’m dying to hang up my new artwork but first we need a new entertainment set-up. Currently, our massive DVD collection takes up an entire wall and forces the loveseat to block a window. Plus, there are no curtains and it’s killing me! I’m certain all of these things will fall into place once we have our media set-up.

Andy and I are looking for an entertainment center that comes in 3 separate pieces so we can repurpose them later. We want to be able to organize our books and dvds, so if we need to buy a third bookcase, we’d like to have the option.
Here’s what we’re considering…

The Belmont


bonus piece

My vote is for the Canopy, despite the store where its exclusively sold


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