Monday, July 6

a new record!

Apparently Andy and I set a record last Monday at our engagement session - over 400 images! They did their magic and culled it down to about 200.
Tonight we narrowed it down to 150,
then 60,
then 27.
We decided upon 4 portrait prints (1 was free as part of our "package") and a guest book/photo portfolio; then we got the total. At least we weren't the first couple to set a new record with the bill ;)
I'm convincing myself that these photos are an investment and will be gifts to our parents and will eliminate the need for a register of signatures that I'll never do anything with... so a couple birds, a couple stones.

This is completely NOT wedding-related, but I'm still reeling from the event so I feel the need to share (and why I'm up past my bedtime). We've been dog sitting and as part of our duties we stopped by to let Elvis out. The poor little guy was in a dead sleep when we pulled up so we startled him which induced a seizure. Andy held him and I tried to keep him conscious. Luckily, the episode was short (not a grand mal this time) and he came out of it okay. So scary and thankfully his parents came home about an hour after it happened.
Here's a recent photo of little Elvis - keep him in your thoughts:


Jen said...

Let's see some of these engagement pictures! :)

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