Friday, April 10

Half way there...

Only 6 months until the wedding and 6 weeks left of boot camp...
Here's the proof:

I'm feeling unmotivated and unexcited about today. I was really hoping to have sent the Save the Dates (STDs) to the SSI attendees by today, but if I can do it by next week it won't matter much. I have a DIY post but I can't put it up yet... soon. I promise. Still need to do about a million things and I haven't heard back from my engagement photographer or my SSI photographer - it's been over a week and I need answers!
Hotel rooms for the weekend of the wedding are filling up quickly and we're going to need to have a plan for our honeymoon (i.e. somewhere to sleep) but as far as I can tell no progress has been made in that department. I think if I can get the STDs worked on this weekend I'll feel better about my lack of progress... finding a dress would really help also.
Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer - work has been awful and I was rejected as a contributor to my favorite blog, but at least it's Friday and I get to go back home for the weekend.

Does anyone know how to get Blogger posts back into a Rich HTML format? I'm in basic mode and it sucks.


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