Wednesday, April 15

you're fired.

On Monday I emailed both my engagement photographer and my wedding ceremony photographer since I hadn’t heard back from either in about two weeks. I still haven’t heard back from the engagement photog.

Yesterday, the wedding photog sent me a long reply… so here’s the condensed version:

“Rachael, Hi, if I got this email then I'm not aware of it… but when it comes to a Saturday night in one of my busiest months… I just determined that… I am giving up an opportunity to work a full wedding … it just cost me too much in revenue… for a Saturday night wedding during these prime months. Of the photographers that I know of that you'd be comfortable using, I don't think that any of them would tie up (just) a Saturday night…I hope that you can understand that I couldn't make a living if I didn't utilize my Saturday's to the best that I can.”

First off, spell my name correctly – it’s in the email you just replied to and second, you’re fired. You broke your contract, and now you’re outright asking for more money than you quoted. Plus, I can’t believe you would have the balls to tell me no one else will be willing to photograph an afternoon/evening wedding.

I’d much rather pay someone who wants to be there (at an agreed upon time and price) and I thank God that this happened now and not the day of the ceremony!

My wedding coordinator at the resort is working to find me someone else… fingers crossed!


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