Friday, April 3

aw, honey, honey...

Today a coworker brought me a jar of raw honey (well, he didn’t just bring it, I had to pay him for it). He’d been boasting the positive health effects he’d been having since he started taking it a year ago and among them– no allergies!

I’d like to give it a try since:
a) having a dog when you’re allergic to dogs probably isn’t the best idea
b) I was just wondering what it would be like if I breathed though my nose instead of wheezing like Darth Vader and what my “real” voice would be like… less Fran Drescher-y, perhaps?
d) I’ve had allergies for a quarter of a century and I still haven’t figured out how to control them

So he brought me this jar:

And it's delicious! Its very thick, like cream cheese but tastes just like regular runny honey. I also tried his "Super Enriched Raw Honey" which was like a brick and tasted like Burt's Bees lip balm... I'm now part of his experiment to convert people taking medicines to using homeopathic remedies. He also made me swear to buy a jar of the good stuff this weekend – yeah, if I have time.

At the very least, it would be amazing it I didn’t sneeze or sniffle through my wedding ceremony! Here’s hoping!


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