Wednesday, April 8

quest for THE dress #1

Over the weekend I stopped into David’s Bridal since it was the last day of their $99 sale. I’m sure where they keep those $99 dresses or what they must look like but the lowest priced dress I tried on was $450… still, not too bad.

I am looking fora sweetheart neckline with a mermaid/trumpet style and smallish train. Here’s what they brought me:

#1 - Grecian Goddess, super staticy and the front layers looked weird. I liked the shell-like "bodice" though.

#2 - Classy Kelly, this Oleg Cassini was gorgeous but a little too fancy for an outdoor/beach wedding. LOVE that lace on the bottom!

#3 - Pleats! Not so good.

#4 - Lovely Lady Lace, discontinued=good price, my favorite of the 5.

#5 - The Beast, this one was waaaay too big (note the sales clerk holding onto the extra fabric the clothes pins couldn't handle) and came with lace sleeves, ew.

They weren’t bad, but none of the dresses were “the one.” I wasn't expecting to find the right dress on the first try. Has ANYONE every bought the first dress they try on? I'm serious... anybody?

I’m off to The One Stop Wedding Shop on Saturday – wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Ok, so my totally unsolicited opinion, I really like #2 and 4. I looked at the album and I think you're right that #2 might be problematic of the beach wedding with the longer train.

It might just be the size of the sample, but I think the shape of #2 w/ it coming in at the knees really gives an awesome hourglass shape. Love the detail on both.

Good luck with your search. I'm a big proponent of the idea that when you find the perfect dress you'll know it.

Melissa A.

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