Tuesday, April 7

omg, omg, omg, omg!

Andy just sent me this press release from GameSpot and I nearly had a nerdy-Beatle-induced-seizure in my cubicle...

"Last month, MTV Games and record label Apple Corps announced that The Beatles: Rock Band would arrive in stores worldwide on September 9. Although there will be no shortage of hype surrounding the game, it turns out that the Harmonix-developed project will be just one part of an all-out Beatles blitz.

Apple Corps announced today that The Fab Four's entire original catalog will be remixed and rereleased to go on store shelves the same day as The Beatles: Rock Band, alongside two new Beatles CD box sets. The rerelease has been in the works for four years at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, and includes the band's original 12 studio albums, Magical Mystery Tour, and a combo disc of the two Past Masters releases.

The entire catalog of remixes will be available in a box set with a number of Beatles documentaries on DVD. Although the rereleases will be all-new stereo mixes of the recordings, purists will also be able to pick up The Beatles in Mono box set. As the name implies, the set features 10 of the band's albums as they were originally released, in glorious mono."

Nerd squeal!


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