Wednesday, August 26

45 days to go...

Whew, what a difference 24 hours makes, right? Thank you all for your words of encouragement. Many deep breaths were taken, a couple miles ran and possibly an extra 15 minutes were tacked on to my lunch hour so I could treat myself to Jamba Juice.

I know Andy heard the panic in my voice when he called yesterday so I was thrilled to be forwarded several confirmation emails from him yesterday afternoon. We now have a rental car and he found out the requirements for getting married in Georgia (yay, no blood tests needed!). He went to Banana Republic to try on the suit he liked online, but it wasn't for sale in that location. Apparently the reception playlist is going to be all Slayer songs so that's finished ;) and he's debating whether or not to wear Van's slip-ons for the ceremony. Isn't it amazing what a little panic and tears can do?

On my end of things, the florist sent me a quote and it's pretty reasonable! I emailed her back for photos or more detailed descriptions of the bouquets and boutonnieres since I won't be able to see them beforehand. I dropped a sample RSVP postcard in yesterday's mail. Hopefully we'll get it today and assess the dammage. If it's shredding we'll need to order RSVP-sized envelopes and then send out the invites - fingers crossed the little guy makes it in one piece. I hit up 2 DSW's yesterday - no luck with navy shoes - in my size. Considering dying the shoes I already have... we'll see. One of the cupcake toppers arrived - it's a little worn, but not bad for being 26 years old (hint!). In regards to my missing banquet order, Andy's mom hasn't received hers either so there must be an island-wide vacation going on down there! Oh, yeah, did I mention I'm planning Andy's bachelor party since boys are too silly to figure these things out?!

Pleasant surpise - our rings came in today! We'll have to head back to town for the tasting and to pick up my dress soon anyway - three birds, one stone.


Anne said...

We used RSVP postcards and so far in the Chicago mail, not one has been shredded.
Knock on Wood.

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