Friday, August 7

the rings!

I'll be honest, planning a destination wedding has been a challenge. Not getting to see the reception room, meeting the wedding planner or florist or photographer in person, has required a leap of faith. Now I am getting into the fun "local" stuff. depending on your definition of fun

Andy and I picked out our wedding bands this weekend and we did some homework beforehand.
Andy's inspiration (for reals):

and I want to incorporate sapphires (our birthstone):

I can't wait to show you what we ended up picking... at the wedding!


Heather said...

Beautiful rings.
I am planning a destination wedding and I hear you totally. Its hard to only see things via email and not be able to taste anything until the big day.
I'm sure everything will be beautiful, for both of us.

Jen said...

Beautiful inspiration pics!

We went to a destination wedding in Jamaica in May & I had been wondering the whole time leading up to it "How does she know what the set up will be, How does she know where they'll take pictures" etc. Unnecessary worries - everything was absolutely perfect!

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