Tuesday, August 18

what's going on?

Making : moss-covered initials for the wedding celebration
Cooking : instant maple oatmeal
Drinking : caribou blend k-cup
Reading: The Time Travelers Wife (on mp3)
Wanting: to sleep in or more hours in the day
Looking: at wedding invitation proofs
Playing: Manchester Orchestra
Wasting: time on reader
Sewing: repairing a hem
Wishing: I had just 1 day to get caught up on things
Enjoying: chocolates from the shower this “autumn in august” morning
Waiting: for opportunity to come knocking
Liking: this idea for a guest book
Wondering: if Andy’s feeling better and where is my photog contract?
Loving: life despite the obstacles
Hoping: to get to the gym tonight
Marveling: at how quickly my credit card accumulates charges
Needing: to send shower thank you’s and get groceries
Smelling: hand sanitizer
Wearing: clothes that are dry clean only, but I machine wash
Following: the 2009 hurricane predictions
Noticing: I have 51 days until we leave to get married.
Knowing: I must send the wedding invitations this week.
Thinking: I’m blessed.
Feeling: loved – had a wonderful family and friend-filled weekend
Bookmarking: oh, hello friend.
Opening: shower presents, but only if the thank you’s are complete
Giggling: at an “Intervention” Intervention

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