Friday, August 7

another exciting weekend ahead!

It's been a crazy week! Last week was filled with the ending of the Twilight saga (back to the real world) and planning our big Engagement Party - from what I remember it was a success - I must try harder to stay in the moment!

We are going back home tomorrow to meet with my pastor to take a relationship assessment, do a cupcake tasting, buy wedding bands and I have my final dress fitting. It's alot to pack into one day, I just hope Andy can handle it!

I still haven't decided which shoes I'm going to wear, although I'm locked into a 2 1/2" heel since the hem on my dress is insane. Sorry Wishna!! Here's what I have in my possession right now:

typical boring silver sandals - at least they're comfy

these look really "old lady" on my feet:

and these are soo cute but probably an inch too tall... I haven't tried them on with the dress yet (or next to Andy):

On a slightly-related note...
love her hair, love his suit:
from here


Jen said...

Good luck with your busy weekend! Love your shoe options!

Heather said...

Super cute shoes.

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