Monday, March 2

Bridal Fitness Extreme (BFE) 1/36

Last night wasn’t too bad, but that’s because we didn’t get started.
I got weighed and measured and if I get all of the numbers back I have no problem posting them… it's a great motivator! We had to do 3 laps around the track and then as many sit-ups and push-ups as possible in 1 minute. The person with the best results at the end of the 12 weeks get a spa day, plus we all get a free t-shirt.
Here are my figures:
Weight: 146 lbs
Height: 5’ 7.5”
Sit-ups: 20
Push-ups: 10
Body Fat %
Tomorrow night we do the 12-minute mile. We were instructed not to eat a lot before class unless we want to throw it back up… now that’s what I like to hear about a workout ;)


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